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          Spark Room1.0 for catering
          Project details Video display

                The summer solstice is over, but are you still giving up going out with your friends because you're afraid of mosquitoes? Is it still at home for fear of the scorching sun? Come out and visit the Star Room Restaurant for a unique summer experience.

                If you want to talk about work and can't find a suitable place, take your clients to the Star Room Restaurant, where the delicious food and high-end environment is absolutely a great place to talk about work.

                If you are struggling with a honeymoon destination, bring your significant other to the Star Room Restaurant, where you can have a heart to heart chat on the mat after dinner and look at the stars, which is sure to give you the most unique travel experience.

                Different from traditional restaurants, SPARK ROOM uses a 360° panoramic transparent enclosure. The 360° transparent starry Room allows you to look at all directions without listening. The transparent PC board can not block the view, but it can just isolate the indoor or outdoor noise. There is no fear of mosquito bites, no fear of summer heat. In this panoramic alfresco restaurant, you can no longer be restrained like in traditional restaurants, where you can let down your guard and feel at ease to taste food, and really be yourself.

                Spark Room is a modular installation that can be quickly disassembled, removable, and very convenient. The main use of imported PC board, can carry can play, high transparency, energy saving and environmental protection, long quality. The skeleton, top and bottom are made of high-strength aluminum alloy profiles, which are windproof and snowproof, moisture-proof and anticorrosive, environmentally friendly and harmless, with no formaldehyde odor, high safety and strong protection.

                Aluminium is one of the building materials with environmental protection, energy saving and high recovery rate in the world. Aluminum building materials are durable, moisture-proof and anticorrosive, environmentally friendly and harmless, without formaldehyde odor. Aluminum can be recycled. Aluminum column through the star empty room energy saving and low carbon, instead of the past reinforced concrete, pure wood, light steel and other material restrictions, the construction process is low carbon and energy saving.

                The spherical design of the restaurant makes it more stable and safer. Spark Room is the first choice for high-end customers because of its unique and elegant shape and varied usage styles.

                Spark Room1.0 has double doors, not only natural air in and out, warm in winter and cool in summer, indoor floor is also equipped with cold and warm air out, there are comfortable sofa and coffee supply, can be used as a meeting room, romantic coffee shop, restaurant, photo base or even a small concert... To provide you with different business, catering, leisure, entertainment and rich experience.