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          Spark Room1.0 SPA Style
          Project details Video display

                In a bustling city, there are always endless classes, endless nights and endless work to do. When I came home, I was tired and even wanted to fall asleep. Physical exhaustion, sub-health and mental boredom can not be made up for by luxury bags, gourmet meals and a few movies. At this moment, there is nothing more soothing than an appointment with a technician to have a top healing SPA, allowing the body to relax and enjoy a quiet life.

                When doing SPA, the choice of place is very important. If you can't find a place to go, try a different SPA at the Spark Room art space.

               Spa in the SPARK ROOM is an art space where you can enjoy intimate service and sophisticated massage techniques. All the equipment is for your own use, and there is no need to share it with others. Each SPARK Room has seamless curtains to ensure personal privacy. You can discharge exhaustion here, sleep layer upon layer in halcyon fragrant fragrance, the afternoon tea with mellow fragrance is enjoyed after waking up.

               Spark Room is a space with a wide range of applications. Unlike other products on the market, It not only can be used in scenic spots, resorts, home, star hotel, airport, exhibition hall, shopping mall, restaurant, coffee shop, outdoor camp, agriculture sightseeing, tourism, ecology garden, web celebrity after the clock to provide entertainment, can also be used for schools, provide students with a focus, improve the learning environment of a place, at the same time can also be used for business, Provide a place for business managers to meet, communicate and train.

               Spark Room is a modular patchwork installation, quick disassembly, removable and very square. The main use of imported PC board, can carry can play, high transparency, energy saving and environmental protection, long quality. The skeleton, top and bottom are made of high-strength aluminum alloy profiles, which are windproof and snowproof, moisture-proof and anticorrosive, environmentally friendly and harmless, with no formaldehyde odor, high safety and strong protection.

               Aluminium is one of the building materials with environmental protection, energy saving and high recovery rate. Aluminum building materials are durable, moisture-proof and anticorrosive, environmentally friendly and harmless, without formaldehyde odor. Aluminum can be recycled. Aluminum column through the star empty room energy saving and low carbon, instead of the past reinforced concrete, pure wood, light steel and other material restrictions, the construction process is low carbon and energy saving.

               Spherical structure design, so that its stability is enhanced, the overall structure is safer. Because of its unique and beautiful shape, changeable use style, make this product highlights the unique charm of the brand, make it become the first choice of high-end users.

               Spark Room1.0 has double doors, not only natural air in and out, warm in winter and cool in summer, the indoor floor is also equipped with cold and warm air out, there is a comfortable sofa and coffee supply, can be used as a meeting room, romantic cafe, restaurant, photo base and even a small concert... To provide you with different business, catering, leisure, entertainment and rich experience.