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          Spark Room1.0 Studio Style
          Project details Video display

               Spark Room easily solves the problems of poor environment, high rent and distance of live broadcasting venues for enterprises or businesses, etc. In addition to being usable by anchors and brand owners, a more important function is to "cultivate regular anchors". "10-year" means no live experience, but their strong interest in broadcast industry, hopefully, to that end, Spark star Room Room is to provide them with a light show their beautiful stage, 360 degrees capacious space that appear, comfortable and pleasant interior, 10-year for scene, scene helps the 10-year, has replayed not, like the host, the burst.

               Spark Room, a shared Room/live broadcast base created by Diasie Blue Company, can be used for education and training live broadcast, network variety show live broadcast, interview live broadcast, e-commerce live broadcast and other live broadcast methods. The open space of Spark Room makes it easy for businesses to set their own scenery according to their own requirements, and can accommodate multiple machines at the same time. The comfortable and simple environment greatly improves the quality sense of live broadcasting, so that the brand will not lose its reputation due to the conditions of the site.

               Spark Room is a shared broadcast Room with a transparent 360° panorama and a twinkling LED star light, which not only enriches the background content, but also can be used as a supplementary light source. It also presents a clean and refreshing feeling.

               Transparent spherical glass starry sky room broadcast room, one hundred meters away can see! Blingbling sparkles and is a great prop for taking photos and punching in.

               The biggest highlight of Spark Room is that the live broadcast is no longer limited to a single scene, but also can instantly attract the attention of passers-by. You can not only see the beautiful sister in real life, but also communicate with each other, making diversified interactive live broadcast for fun.