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          Spark Room, a highly forced live broadcast room to share a room, help you millions of fans

              Upload time:2021-06-16    Number of views: times

                 In recent years, live broadcast platforms have gradually risen to bring goods with celebrities, especially after the outbreak, it has reached a hot spot. This has also caused changes in the traffic structure. Traditional e-commerce companies have more difficulty in obtaining traffic and higher promotion costs, and there is an urgent need to expand a wider live broadcast platform to cater to the current changes in consumer shopping habits and the enthusiasm for experiential consumption in diversified ways. Mobile phones can become "live room" and everyone can become "little internet celebrities". The era of live broadcast for all has arrived!

          Want to do a live broadcast

          I want to bring goods for myself or my hometown

          I want to gain millions of fans to become a celebrity expert

          But suffer from not having a good venue?

          right now!

          Finally there is a chance to show off before you

          The one who understands you

          Difun Blue Company

          With a sense of beauty and joy, a shared multifunctional art space/live broadcast base station was launched

          In other words, you don’t have to worry about it

          Your beautiful exclusive live broadcast room is here!

                The launch of the Spark Room shared room easily solves the problems of poor live broadcast venues for companies or businesses, expensive live broadcast venues, and far away. Moreover, in addition to the use of anchors and brand owners, a more important function is " Cultivate amateur anchors". "Students refer to newcomers who do not have any live broadcast experience, but they have a strong interest in the live broadcast industry and are full of hope. For this reason, Spark Room provides them with a beautiful stage to easily show themselves, a 360-degree spacious and transparent space, comfortable and pleasant. The interior of the human being, the amateur is the scene, the scene helps the amateur, the unbroadcast has been broadcast, just like the anchor, it is simply beautiful...

                The Spark Room shared room / live broadcast base created by Different blue can carry out various live broadcast methods such as education and training live broadcast, web variety show live broadcast, interview live broadcast, and e-commerce live broadcast. The spacious interior space of Spark Room is very conducive for businesses to set the scene according to their own requirements. At the same time, it can meet the placement of multiple cameras. The comfortable and simple environment greatly improves the quality of the live broadcast, so that the merchant brand will not be lost due to the conditions of the venue. Reputation.

               We all know that the live broadcast brings goods, the most important and important thing is that after the people and goods, the most important step is the live room and the environment of the live room. After all, this is the first visual experience of visitors entering the live broadcast room, and it will directly affect the user's sense of experience.

                The Spark Room is a shared live broadcast room, with a 360° panoramic view and transparent, coupled with flashing LED star lights, which can not only enrich the background content, but also be used as a supplementary light source. It can do two things with one stone, giving people a clean and refreshing feeling.

                The transparent spherical glass star vacant live room can be seen at a glance from 100 meters away! Blingbling shines, and it is also a good prop for taking pictures and punching cards.

                The biggest highlight of the Spark Room live broadcast room is that the live broadcast is no longer limited to a single scene, and at the same time it can instantly attract the attention of passers-by. Not only can you see the beautiful sister, but also communicate and play with diversified interactive live broadcasts.

          Just need you here

          People arrive, goods arrive

          You can start broadcasting anytime

          Reduce technology costs

          Let you focus more on live content creation

          This is not just a live broadcast room

          But a new way of working

          We use the live room to come